Monday, January 20, 2014

Rewarded by Huggies

why hello there!! 
so you know i collect all reward codes from the huggies products that give them. every since my first son "KinenJase" ive collected & added them into the reward account i made on their site. ive reached a good amount to be able to try for subscriptions to parent/baby mags but theres so much better ones when you accumalte a whole bunch of points, hich of course in trying to do!! 

as you can see i got backed up on adding them in. theres about 57 of them codes. the only thing i hate is adding them in because you have to do them one at a time(sucks) - wish they could allow to add a batch of codes at least 10 at a time!! but unfortunately not, but all is good. i honestly should get started on adding them because we should be buying another 2 cases of pampers and other huggies products so its going to add another set of codes that sometimes i DREAD inputing. 

if you participate in the Huggies Reward program let me know! well if you know, what you have gotten!! 

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Fav eye-candy from NYX !

why hello there!! 
so im not really into buying singles, especially at the prices they go for. but ive always wanted to try out NYXs eye candies! &so far it well worth miney spent! i believe i got it for $4.99 at our local SM store. 

i got the Taupe and i love the color pigment! i love using it for an everyday eyelook. great for keeping the lid dry and not looking creasy! good for a one shade eye look or adding a darker brown to give a smokey or more dimension look. a great look for everyday work or school. also fast to apply for those late mornings(: 

if you have any other shades for recommendations please let me know, looking forward to hearing about them!