Wednesday, September 10, 2014

"A" for Apple - A Folder !

Why Hello there ....
searching and searching for more activities, learning techniques etc. to teach Kinen at home after our days of work and day care! So i printed out a bunch of letter "A" activites from and didnt know how in the world am I going to teach him this when he has a slight difficulty in his speech. So i decided to do a folder kind of activity thingy. lol - yes thinggg, i got used to it after so many ideas, headaches and yes - when i first had Kinen.
Anyways - he enjoyes the folder, it has a good amount of activities to do and he learns them pretty quickly.
but of course, my baby's weakness at the moment is his speech.
Check out the photos....

As you can see i labeled the folder "Aa" so that when i put it away in a bin the letter shows - or if we do activities for the letter " A " we can just slip it in the folder. But in at the activity folder, i wrote small sentences that he relates to. well, obviously RIGHT!! But the folder also has little pockets to store the sight words that begin with the letter "A", matching the Big letter "A" with the small letter "a" and small writing area for him to trace, even if its over and over again! it can show me how much he improved in writing the letters, but i think that's a bit more complicating for him right now, he needs to get used to writing a little bit more!

As far as lesson planning, i try to do a letter per week - all depending on him learning it, really don't want him to get bored of just one letter. But so far its been working - he recognizes the letter, knows were it is in a story book - but again he cant really say the letter.

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Our Beginning of TOT School

So Ive explored the lovely web again for new ideas of teaching my 2 year old (KINEN) his ABC's,colors,shapes & etc. - but most it of all to help him with his speech. Its a bit frightening because his speech isnt all caught up to where it needs to be. His comprehension is FAB - but even with most little words he gets frustrated to say them. He can say some but not all, especially when it comes to what he wants or what he wants to do and his daddy and i do not know what exactly he wants, its a bit frustrating for us and i know also for my son - because he knows what he wants but he cant seem to say it.

August 18. 2014 he just started daycare - oh my goodnes the expense of daycare now a days , it so highly costing. but we are absolutely lucky, we are accepted for "BlockGrant", so we still pay a certain amount of the tuition. Reason being for putting him in daycare to socialize with his own age and hopefully his speech gets better. but for an overly active child like mine - so many fears of putting him in daycare, because he has always been watched by Momom (my mother) he did not have a set schedule of things (eating, sleeping, playtime) - he had it all. But so far the teachers at the day care said he has been progressing little by little.

Anyways, back to the beginning start of our litle journey for Kinen. I will link the places i got the printables from and anything else.

( "A" printables were from 1plus1plus1equals1 )
( color matching lego's were a DIY )

He absolutely loves these, especially the color matching with legos, got the idea from Pinterest, but do not remember which Pin. the lego blogs he already had a whole bag of them, I just took a those colors to work on little by little, and traced them with permanent marker and colored them in with crayon. easy DIY - right?

As far as scheduling, i will post another post on that. because its really not much. Just taking it little by little.
Im still searching for a bunch more of things to do for him, especially to help him with his speech. If you have any ideas of activities, please let me know - I loves to read books but he cant seem to talk the small works, so ive also been trying sight words, but again he gets frustrated to say it!